Beat the bike thief

Remove the profit from bike crime

Until now, bike security has focused on trying to make bikes difficult to steal. It doesn't work. Locks can be beaten. Or simply bypassed by cutting the frame.

We've simply focused on motive and removed the ability of a thief to profit from their crime!

Find out why it works below.

A thief can't profit from stealing your bike!

With your components secured, a thief has no reason to steal your bike:

1. He can't sell it, it's obviously stolen without the key(s)

2. He can't strip it to sell parts on ebay, craigslist etc

So why bother stealing your bike?!

Prevent casual stripping

Securing your components also prevents the casual stripping of components while you're locked up.

We've all seen and heard of saddles, bars, brakes etc being stolen from locked bikes. A couple of minutes with a multi-tool can see a large part of your bike's value stripped and render it totally unusable.

The inifiniti3d security™ system has been developed to ensure that your components stay put so you can ride home! It's also designed to ensure that solutions are functional, elegant and great to use.

Unparalled security

While our fasteners and solutions look beautiful, make no mistake, we have developed a class leading technology in physical security.

The graceful looks are because we care. We want our bikes to be as secure as Fort Knox but not to look any less beautiful than in their original state.

The infiniti3d security™ system is grounded in R&D and our fasteners are the most secure small diameter fasteners in the world for any field of application. To make this happen has required ground breaking innovation in the field of security fasteners and also in manufacturing technology.

See why infiniti3D protects your bike and its components like no other security system on the market!

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