Unparalled Security

Using the highest security fasteners in the world!

To deliver an unparalled level of security has required a ground breaking innovation in the field of small diameter security fasteners - the patented infiniti3D security™ system.

See why infiniti3D protects your bike and its components like no other security system on the market!

More secure than a second D-Lock

Without the weight or inconvenience

No need to carry a second, high security lock.

Our solutions for wheel security are not just deterrents, they are the most secure method for preventing your wheels from being stolen. Bar none.

And they're as easy to use as a quick release skewer.

Simplify your life - ditch your second d-lock!

One tool
for your entire bike

Replace your multi-tool with a sleeker, lighter and easier to use reversible ratchet.

Compatible with infiniti3D security™ keys as well as hex, Torx and screwdriver bits.

Instant alignment

Integrated into every infiniti3D product is the ZeroPoint Alignment System™, visual markers to ensure that keys and their reciprocal fasteners can instantly be oriented correctly.

As easy to use as a quick release skewer

Flat tire? Infiniti3D keys coupled with a reversible ratchet are as easy, if not easier to use compared to a quick release.

Secure any component

  On any bike you ever own!

With infiniti3D security™ you can lock up
almost any component on any kind of bicycle.

  If you buy a new bike or swap components
    we can manufacture solutions to match
      your existing key.


We focus on design through extensive research and development rather than marketing gimmickry. Our focus is on product. We believe that markets itself.


Our components are manufactured primarily from titanium with certain components made from aerospace grade stainless, ensuring they perform for many years to come

Auto Re-order

Additional components can easily be order to match your existing key(s).
Lost your key? Order the replacement quickly and easily online.

Fingerprint Technology

Using 3 dimensions we are able to generate practically infinite keys.

Proof of Ownership

Your infiniti3D key and components can serve as proof of ownership. Contact us for further details.

Performance without Compromise

We have developed the system with the cyclist in mind. Not only have our solutions been subjected to extensive R&D to ensure that they are functional as security components, we have also made sure that there are no compromises in terms of quality or performance.

Torque Performance

Our solutions are not only designed to be secure, but also to perform properly as functional components at the required torques

Corrosion Resistance

Superb quality materials and specialist treatments are used to give exceptional longevity

Lightweight Design

Our components are manufactured from the finest aerospace grade materials


Anti-slip features ensure components such as wheels perform without compromise

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