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All bespoke products are manufactured to exactly fit your bike. Please fill the dropdowns on the left with accurate information.
Manufacturer / Model + More Info
Please select the maufacturer and model of your brake.
Exposed + More Info
If the head of your brake nut is exposed (i.e. vulnerable to removal by hand tools), please select this option so that we can supply you with a grip repellent infiniti3D security™ nut.

Recessed + More Info
If the head of your brake nut is accommodated within the forks (or frame) of your bicycle then please select this option.

Nut Length + More Info
This is the length from the underside of the head (of the nut) to the end of the shank.

Please ensure that you select the correct nut length so that:
a.) 9 threads or more engage the brake nut
b.) the nut length of the nearest appropriate selection can be fully accommodated in your forks (or frame) when fully inserted.

In the unlikely event that there is not a match for your fork (or frame) / brake combination then please select the next longest nut that fits or contact us directly specifying the dimension required.

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