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All bespoke products are manufactured to exactly fit your bike. Please fill the dropdowns on the left with accurate information.
Seat Post Clamp + More Info
Pick this option if your bike has a fully removable clamp. If your bike has an integrated or brazed-on fixture in the seat tube please see Seatpost Binder.
Clamp Diameter (frame) + More Info
Note: This is critical to select correctly.

The correct diameter for your clamp is the diameter of the seat tube of your frame and NOT the diameter of the seat-post/ pin that inserts into the frame.

If you are unsure what the correct diameter is, the easiest way is to check your existing clamp to see if the diameter is marked on it.

Otherwise please contact the manufacturer of your frame.

Fitting an incorrectly sized clamp can lead to serious injury or death.

Colour + More Info
This is the colour of the anodising on the aerospace grade aluminium clamp we will send you.

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Need a different locking solution?

Locking bolt for existing clamp

Use your existing seatpost clamp with an Atomic22 locking bolt.

Only available for a select range of clamp manufacturers.

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