Tribe Set E

Configure your Wheels

What's included

Front Tracknut (M9 pair)  
Rear Tracknut (M10 pair)  
Hyper Torque™ Key  
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Products in Tribe cannot be modified as they are pre-packaged to keep costs down. Please see our bespoke security offerings for a comprehensive list of options.

Help me choose

Tracknut + More Info
Pick this option if your wheel is secured using nuts which thread ONTO a solid axle. Our tracknuts are supplied in pairs (i.e. both sides if you order 'Front').

Stub Length + More Info
This is the length of the portion of the axle which protrudes beyond the outer edge of the fork end / dropout.

Please measure the stub length of your wheel axle accurately on BOTH sides of the wheel and supply the length of the LONGEST stub.

Slot Width + More Info
This is the width of the slot in your forkends / dropouts that accommodates your axle

i.e. if your slot is 9mm wide then a 10mm axle will not fit.

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