Tribe Set F

Step 1: Configure your Wheels

Step 2: Configure your Finishing Kit

What's included

Front Tracknut (M9 pair)  
Ahead Topcap   Stem Size: 1" 1/8
Rear Tracknut (M10 pair)  
Standard Torque™ Key
Hyper Torque™ Key  
Have more specific requirements? + More Info
Products in Tribe cannot be modified as they are pre-packaged to keep costs down. Please see our bespoke security offerings for a comprehensive list of options.

Help me choose

Tracknut + More Info
Pick this option if your wheel is secured using nuts which thread ONTO a solid axle. Our tracknuts are supplied in pairs (i.e. both sides if you order 'Front').

Stub Length + More Info
This is the length of the portion of the axle which protrudes beyond the outer edge of the fork end / dropout.

Please measure the stub length of your wheel axle accurately on BOTH sides of the wheel and supply the length of the LONGEST stub.

Slot Width + More Info
This is the width of the slot in your forkends / dropouts that accommodates your axle

i.e. if your slot is 9mm wide then a 10mm axle will not fit.

Ahead Stem Size + More Info
This is the outer diameter of the fork steerer tube.

If you don't know what this is then check your stem, if you're lucky it is marked. If you are still unsure then unfasten the stem and measure the outer diameter of the fork's steerer tube. 1" 1/8 diameter is standard.

Still not sure?

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