infiniti3D security™

the only secure method for protecting your components

How does it work?

infiniti3D topcap and key

Replace the existing fasteners on your bike
with our specially encoded ultra-high
security fasteners

Your key is unique to you!

Secure Everything!

infiniti3D security - whole bike

You can secure as many or
as few components as you wish

And add more in the future!

On any bike!

We've designed solutions for all
kinds of bikes.

Whether you ride fixed, commute on
a hybrid or in the hills on a full sus,
we've got the right security
solution for you!

Key for Life

Secure all your bikes
with your existing key

Even your 2015 bike!

Your infiniti3D security™
key is futureproof

Unsurpassed Quality

All our parts are manufactured in the UK
from the finest aerospace grade materials
ensuring that they continue to perform for
many years to come.

More info?

You can take a closer look at our security solutions
for various components on a range of bikes on our
how to use the the infiniti3D security™ system page

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