Defeats Attacks

Our security solutions are designed to defeat attacks from a wide range of tools.

Tested extensively by ourselves as well as independent parties, the infniti3D security™ system defeats attacks, rather than act merely as a deterrent to uninformed thieves.

No other security system provides the extent of protection offered by infiniti3D security™.


Our solutions include specially designed features to prevent unauthorised rotation


Resists attacks from all kinds of screwdrivers and bladed instruments


Many of our solutions incorporate grip repellent tapers and materials where required


Protective features prevent hammer and chisel attacks


Carefully selected materials render drilling attacks ineffective

Anti-Universal Socket

Our components cannot be removed using universal / gator-grip sockets

Anti-Bolt Cropper

Our solutions are designed, where required, to defeat attack by bolt croppers

Deter theft of your bike

With components secured, a thief can no longer profit from stealing your bike.

Find out how infiniti3D security can prevent your bike being stolen.

Carry just one lock

The infiniti3D security™ system is designed to simplify your life.

With your components secured, you can now enjoy riding a decent bike, free from the fear of theft, whilst carrying just one compact lock!

Prevent Stripping

When all a thief needs is a multi-tool, you want to make sure your components are locked securely to the frame.

The infiniti3D security™ system provides the only real solution for thwarting opportunistic theft and is not simply a deterrent for the uninformed thief.

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