Pedal Locks

  • We have developed an ingenious solution for securing pedals from theft!

    Our solution works by preventing access to the hex recess so that your pedal cannot be removed.

  • We have designed the solution to minimise the weight increment using an incredibly minimalist 6AL4V titanium infiniti3D security™ bolt which is encoded to match your own unique infiniti3D security™ key.

    The minimalist design also ensures that chainstay clearance is virtually unaffected.

  • The solution is so elegant that it was described by a senior representative of a leading UK cycling brand at the London Cycle Show as "not only essential security but the ultimate piece of finishing kit". We can't disagree!

    Please note that if you wish to secure your pedals, you will have to send them to us as currently we are unable to offer the specialist tools required to perform the installation.

  • Once installation is complete, you will be able to use your pedals as normal. For more information, please contact us.

    If you don't see the pedals you wish to secure listed on our order form then please contact us and we will advise on whether we are able to provide a solution.