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November 2013

  • The overwhelming impression I have is that these guys have Chris King levels of engineering perfectionism in a relatively new but rapidly growing field of bicycle technology.

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Cycling Nomads

Autumn 2013

  • After 6 months of using the system I can strongly recommend it. Changing a wheel is no harder than with a quick release as long as you have your driver and bit to hand.

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April 2013, July 2012

  • Engineered to a very high standard, the infiniti3D system is every bit as impressive as it looks, resisting all forms of attack commonly used by thieves.

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Fixed Mag

Spring 2013

  • Every detail of the kit is executed with perfection, they are simple to install and look like they were meant to fit from the factory.

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London Cycling Campaign

March 2013

  • If you want peace of mind when leaving your bike outdoors Atomic 22 bolts are a wise investment.

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MASH Transit

November 2012

  • Over the past eight months we have been working closely with Atomic22 to develop security packages for the bikes we build, ride, and race. The end result is a precisely crafted, limited number custom key system, with smart features, that far exceeded our expectations.

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Cycling World

July 2012

  • Beautifully designed security system for safeguarding valuable components on prized bikes.

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