Why are you using a second D-lock?

With your front wheel locked up, you no longer need to carry a secondary d-lock or chain!

Available as locking skewers for hubs with hollow axles, bolt-ons for hubs with internally threaded axles, or tracknuts for hubs with solid axles or internally geared hubs, our Guard Dogs™ for wheels offer unparalleled security without compromising on performance or aesthetics.

Ditch the weight!

Our Guard Dogs™ for wheels are designed to be light as well as strong. All washers have anti-slip serrations to eliminate wheel slippage.

The discrete yet extremely secure solutions are perfect for replacing a secondary lock for your bike.

With skewers weighing as little as 38 grams each, why carry an additional 2 kgs in your backpack?

Serious Security

Our solutions for wheel security are not just deterrents, they are the most secure method for preventing your wheels from being stolen. Bar none.

See why the inifniti3D security™ system protects your wheels like no other security system on the market!

A dream to use!

Flat tyre? Infiniti3D keys coupled with a reversible ratchet are as easy, if not easier to use compared to a quick release.

Secure any component

With infiniti3D security™ you can lock up
most components on most kinds of bicycle.

  If you buy a new bike or swap components
    we can manufacture solutions to match
      your existing key(s).

No more fiddly cables!

Finally an elegant solution for securing your saddle!

Simply select the make and model of your seatpost and we supply the correct solution for locking up your saddle.

We design security solutions to optimise the security for each seatpost. We don't consider all seatposts equal when it comes to providing to retrofit security.

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