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  infiniti3D security™   The highest security fasteners in the world. Protecting your bike!  

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infiniti3D security™ is the only definitive solution to bicycle component security

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  infiniti3D security™ secures components on your bicycle from theft

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infiniti3D security™ enjoy cycling free from the fear of theft and carry just one compact lock!

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infiniti3D security™ solutions available for road, track and mountain bikes

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infiniti3D security™ prevents stripping of components. Greatly deters theft of the whole bike.

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infiniti3D security™ keys are future-proof, secure future components with your existing key(s)

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infiniti3D security™ your key is automatically registered, no key card to lose or codes to forget

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infiniti3D security™ easily order replacement keys or more products to match your existing keys

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infiniti3D security™ unparalled quality using the finest materials, manufactured entirely in the UK

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infiniti3D security™ our extensive database provides a wide range of locking solutions

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infiniti3D security™     Timeless elegance.   Ultra-light solutions.   Heavyweight security.  

  • Two words "Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!" I have an eye for high quality and you guys are right on!

    Tom - California

  • Engineered to a very high standard, the infiniti3D system is every bit as impressive as it looks, resisting all forms of attack commonly used by thieves.

  • I am actually not worried anymore to leave the bike outside and together with a good lock I am basically living the dream... :)

    Ivan - London

  • I have complete faith in your system .. immaculate machining and extremely good looks, they actually make my bike look cooler :)

    Conor - London

  • Bolts recieved, fitted, ridden and loved. They're absolutely amazing!

    Morgan - London

  • Everything arrived fine and looks great on the bike. Worth saying that I really like the product and will be recommending you. Will likely be back myself as I've had a really good experience dealing with your company.

    Matt - Somerset

  • The ingenuity and finish of your product is amazing.

    Fabian - Austria

  • These are real quality parts, and fitting them was dead easy, they just slotted in. Great work!

    Bernhard - London

  • I have seen some comments that the products are OTT or too expensive. I disagree on both points; the hassle factor alone in having something stolen from your bike justifies the use of your products.

    Leslie - Devon

  • I am really happy with the whole system. It's all very solid and it already survived 2 weeks of intense 30miles/day commute with all weather :)

    Ivan - London

  • I just got it back and all I have to say is that I have to get a proper camera to do this kit justice!

    Cameron - Australia

  • Nice job on the bolts, they look awesome and the key fits great. Super stoked to get these locks for the new ride.

    Kraig - Los Angeles

  • I'm much more confident about locking the bike up now, given the number of component thefts I keep hearing about..

    Samuel - London

  • When I look at the Atomic 22 bolts (they) are on another level. It's strange to be talking about a bolt like this but they really are beautiful!

    Sanjay - London

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