About Atomic22

  • We are a small UK based company that researches, designs and manufactures our own products. Start to finish, in the UK.

    However, our products are only the tip of the iceberg.

    We are pioneering a revolutionary approach to manufacturing which involves a fully integrated and optimised business model from online order through to packaged product.

  • Incorporating the use of algorithms and the application of cutting edge CNC and automation technology, we aim to achieve a productivity across an entire business model previously deemed impossible.

    Our concept is to develop innovative, socially contributive products of unsurpassed quality and to bring them to market at viable price points through innovation in manufacturing and business processes.

  • Through genuine and responsible innovation at every level, we hope to demonstrate by example what can be achieved and create fulfilling and secure jobs which utilise and develop knowledge and skills for sustainable economic and social development.

    We are doing our part to spearhead economic restructuring and social change, what are you doing?